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The Agency Accelerator is built on the 3 simple principles:


Create solid foundations with a profitable business model.


Drive value for your ideal clients.


Learn how to create and maintain scalable growth.

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These principles and best practices have been tested and proven over the past 20+ years by an advertising expert who has:

  • Coached and trained more than 125 media executives to transform from traditional media agencies into profitable digital media agencies.

  • Certified over 1,00s media buyers in digital media fundamentals.

  • Educated over 5,000 DSP (self-service advertising system) clients.

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Do you relate to any of these?

  • It’s nearly impossible to find the right clients anymore.

  • What, another @#($&% Meta ‘upgrade’?

  • When did I start working FOR my agency, not ON my agency?

  • There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

  • Work-life balance … what’s that?!

  • I started this to have freedom and flexibility. WTF happened?

  • Maybe I’ll be profitable … next year, sigh.


We understand. We’ve been there.

Here’s the good news, as an agency owner you can have:

  • Freedom, options and flexibility.

  • More free time.

  • Confidence your are building a strong, profitable business.

  • Proven tools to help run your business.


With the easy-to-implement Agency Accelerator program, you will uncover the blocks to your ideal life as an entrepreneur while growing your business, profitably.


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"Garrett's has really changed my life and I don't say that lightly! His intuition, knowledge and genius lies in helping people to uncover what blocks they have that are holding them back; whether it is wealth, health or relationships, I highly recommend to commit to this process and trust Garrett."

Nathan Serrato


"I had the pleasure of working with Garrett and he's a badass coach! So intuitive and doesn't let you get away with anything, he gets you straight to the point and helps you bring your shit up and deal with it.

I highly recommend anyone work with him."

Andree Martin


"I just want to share with each of you how brilliant Garrett is, with his gifts and his mission that he's bringing to you.

He's very specific and with his detail, goes step by step and helps you get rid of limiting beliefs and thoughts so you can be more succesful and a better person.

Wouldn't you want that for you?"


Join a community of entrepreneurs fueling growth, abundance and profits for 1,000s of business around the world. Together, we are collaborating and supporting each other to reach and exceed our goals.


As an Agency Accelerator Insider you get:

  • Private, off-Facebook community

  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Private access to Garrett and our team of experts

  • Templates, worksheets and tools

  • Much more...



From Basis Global Technologies:

Over the past twenty years, our industry has become more complex and disconnected. This has created undue strains and burdens on marketing organizations and teams leading to higher labor costs, increased workforce turnover, deteriorating unit economics, decreasing levels of customer service, lower efficacy of paid advertisements, reduced gross margins, and declining profitability. As new channels and formats are introduced, new supplemental and peripheral technologies and solutions are brought forth, creating a need for new skillsets, guidelines, rules, and standards for marketers to consider and implement.

Additionally, post-pandemic, we’ve been hearing about media companies experiencing massive shortages of workers and talent, leading to a cascading amount of work, stress and exhaustion for those in our industry. It is enormously difficult to run an efficient, happy, healthy, and fast-growth business when dealing with this amount of complexity, disconnection, and operational chaos spread over an insufficient supply of talent.

I believe this is our industry’s No. 1 problem. Until we solve the issue of compounding complexity, increasing disconnection (people, processes, and platforms), and a shortage of skilled professionals, our industry will continue to degrade and the greatest asset we have, people, will continue to leave.


A common solution is to add more talent. However, talent is becoming harder to find and increasingly more expensive. This leads to a spike in personnel costs and a corresponding reduction in profitability. Among advertising agencies, given current trends and the downward pressure on agency fees, there are numerous drawbacks to this strategy. The tangential talent solution is outsourcing or offshoring. In this industry, it’s referred to as finding bodies who can “handle your mess for less.” However, offshoring comes with its own challenges including reduced transparency, higher error rates, geographic and cultural disconnection (on top of general disconnection), and international financial and legal complications. Additionally, the cost of labor is increasing in developing countries, offsetting the benefits.

Learn from a seasoned advertising industry pro with more than 20 years of experience helping lead, guide and grow digital advertising agencies!


Garrett has:

  • Coached and trained more than 125 media executives to transform from traditional media agencies into profitable digital media agencies.

  • Certified over 1,00s media buyers in digital media fundamentals.

  • Educated over 5,000 DSP (self-service advertising system) clients.

In fact, the training and advertising certification program I founded at Basis in 2015 just won...

Best Educational Tool or Program - AdExchanger Awards

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