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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Over 50 years ago the first message was sent over what would become the Internet on the UCLA campus here in Los Angeles. The plan was to send the word LOGIN - but 'lo' and behold - only those first few letters made the virtual journey.

This incomplete message started a revolution. And this is just one of many stories of messy beginnings and imperfect launches of big, bold ideas.

With this spirit of innovation and creativity, I am inspired to outline my vision and mission in this inaugural blog post.

I have spent my career exploring the infinitely complex, creative and beautiful forms of human communication -- from early days selling home-grown produce at the Boothill parking lot, a journalist and creative director, a 10+ year career in corporate technology & media, and served as customer success and sales enablement executive. All the while serving many for-good and non-profit organizations that feed my spirit and community.

Now, my vast experience helps mission-driven leaders, entrepreneurs and organizers maximize the potential of their gifts and share their genius with the world.

Here, I explore the intersection of human potential and humane technology. I have a passion for exploring the possibilities of both our individual and shared potential as human beings and as a unified human race.

In many areas, we are making incredible advances using technology to connect, innovate and enhance the human experience. Yet, in others, we have tremendous opportunities to improve.

I explore the concepts and opportunities to optimize human potential across the axis of mind, body and spirit:

  • Bio-hacking our physical bodies through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle

  • Spirit-hacking human consciousness through meditation, emerging energy sciences and ground-breaking transformative technologies

  • Growth-hacking business to transform our relationship with money to live in abundance and experiment with automation and expansion

Values-based living is another foundational principle that drives my approach to coaching, consulting and daily life.

Life is best spent when your subconscious values & beliefs align with your conscious reality and choices. So the first step is to take the time to explore and identify what you think your conscious values are. And then invest in learning what beliefs and values drive you at the subconscious level. With that foundation, you can start to make choices and decisions that align your values, beliefs, and actions creating a life of ease and powerful co-creation.

Using this premise, I explore the power and potential to create a life full of purpose and passion not completely driven by your career, your job title or your status in life. In fact, it's vital to cultivate a deep sense of meaning as we start to realize a post-work world. The rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and automation will eat millions of jobs and usher in an era of UBI (universal basic income). This requires a new paradigm of understanding for our value, purpose and mission as both individuals -- and as a people.

If you're curious, the values I use to navigate life are:

  • Purpose

  • Excitement

  • Abundance

  • Desire

  • Love

  • Play

And, I must include a historical update for context -- the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Today marks the end of our first two weeks of the "safer at home" policy here in Los Angeles. And the Coronivirus pandemic death toll as just claimed over 30,000 lives as it sweeps the globe.

We are in the midst of another global revolution. The world will never be the same.

Most everyone, all 7.8 billion humans on the planet are in some state of "lock-down" around the planet. Here in LA, all non-essential businesses and organizations including beaches and most hiking trails to closed for at least the month of April. This is an effort to create 'social distance' and help slow the spread of this novel virus.

In fact, the Coronavirus emerged into general public consciousness just over 3 months ago. And today there are over 11,540,000,000 results on Google for the "coronavirus." This is truly a moment in time that will ripple through our reality for decades to come.

It's a bit early to know when this will be over and what the lasting impact will be. But I am confident the time is NOW to start laying a foundation for stronger, deeper human connections through technology. In fact, advanced video conferencing is saving millions of lives and providing connection while, those of us who can, work from home.

NOW is the time to take a moment and think about what really matters. What are your values? What kind of world do you want to live in and leave for future generations?

I am very hopeful this shared experience will ultimately heal so many areas of our physical world, bring us closer together in spirit with love and compassion and jump-start a wave of inspired transformation.

So, today it's with radical transparency I share the vision of my platform and my gifts with the world.

A selfie from my home office on lock-down, March 29, 2020.
A selfie from my home office on lock-down, March 29, 2020.

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