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Client Steven Le Vine featured in Rolling Stone Culture Council’s ‘Success Stories'!

Donna Fenn, a veteran business reporter for Inc., Fortune, and New York Times, recently interviewed my dearest friend, partner, and coaching client Steven Le Vine for Rolling Stone Culture Council's 'Success Stories'.

Steven Le Vine, CEO & Founder of the award-winning PR firm grapevine pr + consulting, is now a founding member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, where he has the opportunity to contribute his own perspectives on PR, entrepreneurship, and culture by publishing content via the Culture Council. During his interview, he shares the story of his entrepreneurial journey, the firm's evolution, as well as the impact of this past year's events:

The past year has been grapevine’s busiest, Le Vine says. “I was fearful that it was going to go the opposite way, so I’m very grateful,” he says. While the company did initially lose several clients due to supply chain issues, Le Vine says that nine out of ten came back when restrictions eased up. And the company quadrupled its client roster in a matter of months. He attributes that success to a number of factors, including bringing on a new partner, Garrett McClure, as chief strategy officer to “help drive strategy and grow the business.”

What an honor! I could not be more proud and stoic for his growth and evolution. But mostly, I am grateful for his trust in me to assist in the development and expansion of his business.

Make sure to check out the full article here.

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