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What is your purpose?

On April 1st, 2020, I quit a job during the largest global recession in modern history. And no, this isn't an April Fools joke. It was time to close the door on a corporate role I held on to for the sake of revenue.

I am sharing this story as part of my commitment to radical transparency. And I have faith I am not alone. I hope this inspires and encourages anyone else faced with these same thoughts and decisions to be courageous and close a door.

The old adage that when 'one door closes, another door opens' really works. But you have to be brave enough to confidently close a door. Brave the darkness. Face the uncertainty. And expand into newness.

After many months of meditation, confusion, frustration, planning and drafting, I was still on the fence on what I wanted to be.

Who is Garrett McClure?

Who should I be?

What is my purpose?

This journey all started when I left corporate America and a well-paying career as a media and technology executive three years ago. I had residences in LA and Chicago, flew 1st class, and indulged in luxuries that money could buy.

This access and abundance taught me there is more to life than making money. More on that adventure another time.

Over the past few years, I have been working with many wonderful people, organizations and brands providing services and guidance as an expert in e-commerce, automation, media and advertising serving clients primarily selling on Amazon and other platforms such as Shopify, eBay and The fast-pace of the digital advertising world fueled by non-stop innovation and change are intoxicating and thrilling - and many times exhausting. It's been fun, rewarding and well-paying - but making and selling widgets is not my highest contribution to the world. And it's definitely not my life's purpose.

And then the Coronavirus pandemic changed the world. In a few short weeks the entire economy shuttered, my social world came to a screeching halt and I was overwhelmed with fear, doubt and sadness.

It was during this darkest time I was able to see the light and my path forward.

Thanks to my home office technology and the magic of Zoom, I connected with my bio-family and spent hours on video calls with my chosen family. I recommitted to my meditation practice and spent hours listening for an answer - for clarity and focus.

One of my top values in life is 'purpose.' As I got clear on my purpose and let the fear and anxiety calm down. It became an easy decision to make space to live my mission... to commit to my purpose.

My life's purpose is to live my mission each and every day.

And my mission is to heal myself and heal my tribe. And by doing that I will heal the world.

And right now there is nothing the world needs more right now than more healers - and more love.

So here I am. Like most of America, with one door closed. Committed to my mission. Braving the wilderness.

We have a very rare opportunity - hopefully it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - to slow down and really ponder our highest gifts and our life's purpose.

I invite you to think about your true purpose during the next few days and weeks of this pandemic. And consider closing a door - before one is closed for you.

Let's use this time to let our true genius come to life. My hope is that millions of others will join us to live a life of purpose.

Together we will rebuild this world.

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