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"I'm here to do great things with great people."



Hi! I'm Garrett.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, amateur triathlete, yogi and former farm boy.


I am the CEO of GVG Agency, advisor to several firms and actively seeking other projects.

I believe the best antidote to fear of the unknown is doing... take the first step, the first call or make the commitment.

Last year I co-authored "Stories That F*cking Matter: Three Pillars Of Epic Storytelling To Dominate Media Headlines, Win Clients And Grow Your Business."


My Amazon best-selling business book is a roadmap to help the world-changers share a powerful story and reach their goals. It's one of my small contributions to creating a more loving, abundant world.

I love learning the stories of my clients, partners, mentors and investors.

Perhaps you're ready to tell a more powerful story? If so, let's chat!

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I am an avid cyclist, triathelete, and philanthropist supporting many non-profits and community groups.

I'd love to chat!
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