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GRAPEVINE PR + Consulting

grapevine pr + consulting is an award-winning lifestyle and entertainment public relations & strategic consulting firm with global reach headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Austin and Nashville.


DCJ Enterprises


Color More Lines Amazon

Color More Lines

Color More Lines helps brands with a cause recognize their full potential on Amazon and beyond. We are your trusted beacon to strategically guide you safely through the maze of decisions and hazards to help you dominate on this ever changing platform and beyond.

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nGage People

Faith-Based Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Film Marketing, Training and Publishing agency, founded by Tony Scott, former CMO to @bishopjakes.

Clients & Results: Work
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"Garrett's has really changed my life and I don't say that lightly! His intuition, knowledge and genius lies in helping people to uncover what blocks they have that are holding them back; whether it is wealth, health or relationships, I highly recommend to commit to this process and trust Garrett."

Nathan Serrato


"I had the pleasure of working with Garrett and he's a badass coach! So intuitive and doesn't let you get away with anything, he gets you straight to the point and helps you bring your shit up and deal with it.

I highly recommend anyone work with him."

Andree Martin


"I just want to share with each of you how brilliant Garrett is, with his gifts and his mission that he's bringing to you.

He's very specific and with his detail, goes step by step and helps you get rid of limiting beliefs and thoughts so you can be more succesful and a better person.

Wouldn't you want that for you?"

Tony Scott.png


"I think Garrett is an amazing coach. He is so extremely knowledgeable, and he comes to you from the standpoint of someone you can trust, and you feel that he knows exactly what you’re going through.

He and I bonded in so many ways, and I feel like I had a true ally."

Angeline Hart


"Garrett is a brilliant, natural-born leader. He has all the true characteristics of a person who can be out front and be that leader to help guide and support others. He creates trust in those who are willing to follow him.

Garrett faces the frustration of failed ventures and unmet expectations by saying, “Ok, what next?” rather than giving up."

Charlie Young


“Garrett is very very hands-on. He definitely listens, takes a lot of notes, and plays back what I said. That helps me hear what I’m saying, then we’re able to work on it and dive deeper.”

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