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Are you ready to move your life from simply functional to profoundly exceptional?

What makes Gay Scouts different?

Our foundation is built upon creating a nurturing mentoring community of exceptional men.

For GBTQ men by GBTQ men.

Be seen.
Be heard. 

Get to Know Our Four Pillars

These Four Pillars are the foundation of our life in the Gay Scouts community:


The Magician: Learn to truly belong in your own skin and to take this feeling of belonging everywhere you go.


The Warrior: Harness your personal power, and your creative energies and create the life that you truly want to live.


The King: Stand in confidence of your beliefs, embrace the beauty of difference, and share support & and accountability.


The Lover: Actively choose love over fear, celebrate your true self and see the world as your ally.

Our Values 

You Belong Here

 Adifferent kind of community
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