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Introducing GVG Agency: Grapevine PR’s Revolutionary Rebrand Signals a Shift in Digital Growth.

(AUSTIN, TX – SEPT. 13, 2023)Grapevine PR + Consulting, a powerhouse public relations firm with a legacy of nearly 20 years of awards and recognition for campaigns on behalf of clients such as Hollywood icon William Shatner, Grammy-winning music legend Lisa Loeb, and hundreds of national brands such as Caesars Entertainment, P.F. Chang’s, and The Solution, today marks a significant milestone in its journey, with its transformation into GVG Agency.

Now its own branding has grown with Grapevine PR + Consulting transitioning into GVG Agency, a digital marketing agency committed to brand growth through influencer marketing, innovative paid media strategies, content marketing, SEO, and other digital marketing services, in addition to its original award-winning PR strategy.

GVG’s focus is to provide redefined and reimagined brand growth to epic brands, including consumer packaged goods (CPGs), biohacking, celebrities, or high-profile experts.

In addition to the rebrand, the founders of GVG recently authored the Amazon bestselling business book, “Stories That F*cking Matter: Three Pillars of Epic Storytelling to Dominate Media Headlines, Win Clients, and Grow Your Business,” last year. The book, featuring a foreword by Shatner, provides valuable insights into the art of storytelling and media, and its impact on brand growth.

GVG Agency, formerly Grapevine PR + Consulting, is poised to lead the way in influencer marketing, PR, and paid media, delivering exceptional results and transformative growth for brands that dare to push the boundaries of convention.

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