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STOP THE NOISE Podcast presents Stories that F*cking Matter by the GVG Agency.

Hear from the CEO of GVG Agency and co-author of Stories That F*cking Matter, Garrett McClure. In our conversation, Garrett shares the 3 pillars of the STFM model, the 2 most important steps before investing in marketing, and the secret behind the bold title of their book.

Notes from the Show

Garrett McClure is the CEO of GVG Agency and co-author of Stories That F*cking Matter, a book with a shocking title but for a strategic reason. In our conversation, he shares how they chose this title, why, and what that means with a marketing lens.

Garrett shares the STFM model for building your brand before getting to marketing with these 3 Pillars:

Roots - The big WHO questions. Who are you? Who is your ideal client?

Stake - The WHY: why does this matter to you? Why are you invested?

Impact - The WHAT: What’s your product? What’s Your service? What do you have to offer?

Pay attention to the Roots because the steps involved in this key pillar are crucial to complete BEFORE investing in marketing. Garrett also shares some not-often-discussed elements in finding your ideal client, like the qualities, traits, and values of who you want to work with. Once you’ve nailed down your client, reach out to them and get feedback. A successful business is built around their client's needs and wants.

While we talk a lot about marketing from a business perspective, Garrett also gives some great advice through his PR lens that can apply to many industries. You may want to see your business on a talk show or cover of a magazine, but be clear on why. When making plans in marketing, ask yourself; Is your goal and desired outcome aligned?

Be sure to check out Stories That F*cking Matter for more tactical steps on getting media attention that cuts through the noise and clutter of today’s landscape.

What's Inside:

  • Why the title: Stories That F*cking Matter?

  • The 3 Pillars of the STFM model.

  • What important steps should you take BEFORE investing in marketing?

  • How to find your ideal client? And what does your ideal client want?

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